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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

And the truth shall set ye free. Part A.

The John Gliha Scam and Uncle Normie

Those who believe either John Gliha or Uncle Normie are suckered into similiar situations. I will explain once you understand the scams of John Gliha. One poor person suckered by John Gliha reveals what happened to him.

I have personal experience with one of the ’debt cancellation’ programs and I must say that I am totally discouraged. It is true that some high visibility cases have attained success, but I would bet that there are many, many more that are unsuccessful. If you plan to be successful in this endeavor, you had better have had some legal training and you had better have deep pockets.

Let me explain. The company that I decided to go with stated that the program would cost $1500.00. They failed to tell me that it would cost an additional $680.00 to have the four accounts arbitrated, which they ’suggested’ as the best thing to do. We, through conference calls, were also told that hardly anyone ever needed more than the 5 hours of consultation that was provided in the $1500.00 fee. But, after having spent the $2180.00, and having been sued by one of the banks, I found that I needed to buy another 5-hour block of time for another $790.00. Well, that about broke me and so I ended up having to go to court to fight a Motion for Summary Disposition, using tactics told me by the company, and was judged against. So, I filed a Motion to Vacate the Judgment, which I had to do on my own since my time with the company had run out and I had no more money to pay them. So, they left me high and dry. My Motion to Vacate was denied and now I cannot appeal because I would have to put up a bond in the amount of the judgment. And I certainly cannot afford that. Which just goes to show that justice is obviously for sale in this country. If you have the money, you might get justice. But, if you don’t, you certainly won’t.

The thing that sticks out to me is that the judge did not consider the arbitration ruling at all. This was my defense in the initial Motion for Summary Disposition. The banks attorney convinced her that the arbitration panel and the ruling were frivolous. And my Motion to Vacate that judgment was also considered frivolous by the judge even though I showed her many cases and USC codes that prohibit banks from lending credit. I also showed that the bank could not show an account from which money was taken to loan to me. The idea being that no money was loaned and banks cannot loan credit and therefore the contract was null and void. All the opposing attorney had to do was mention the word "frivolous" and the judge agreed.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in what is really going on in this area. If you don’t have the money to pursue it and you are not trained in legal matters, your chances of success seem to be small to none.

Bill Harding

Now that we understand the consequences of being victimized by the infamous John Gliha let us examine the fraud Uncle Normie is trying to foist upon you.

He wants you to believe that Bill Bauer and his CREDITWRENCH program is also a credit repair scam just like that of John Gliha. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth because neither John Gliha nor Creditwrench provides any credit repair services at all. John Gliha teaches that the banks and credit card companies defraud the consumer so the consumer has the right to defraud the banks.

Creditwrench teaches about abusive debt collectors and attorneys who break the law with impunity and get away with massive abusiveness of the consumer and our legal system. Creditwrench teaches that if one is to reach a satisfactory conclusion to an indebtedness problem one must always know and understand the law and work within the legal system as it exists rather than attempting to circumvent it with junk legal theories. We are a nation of laws. All of us are subject to the law and none are above the law. So it behooves us to know and understand the law and how it works if we are to avoid being a victim of our own ignorance.

It is not necessary to be a lawyer or spend all of one's life to be able to understand that part of the law necessary to deal with any one particular situation that we might be facing. Creditwrench does not teach any false legal theories found on message forums or websites but rather teaches that each of us must do our own homework and our own research even if we plan to hire competent legal professionals to represent us in any given situation.

Attorneys are usually competent and well versed in their fields of specialization just as are most doctors. But one cannot realistically expect a proctologist to be qualified to operate on a brain tumor nor can one realistically expect an oil & gas attorney to be competent in FDCPA, FCRA and other debt related matters. So, in order to know whether or not an attorney is "competent" one must first of all know what field(s) the attorney under consideration is competent in. The only way to determine that is to know enough about the law to ask intelligent quetions of the attorney before retaining his services.

Even then one must be able to provide the attorney with sufficient evidence of misconduct on the part of your opponent to enable him to put a solid case together for you.

These are the kinds of things that Creditwrench teaches, not credir repair nor debt elimination. Creditwrench teaches that if one knows the law the law will set you free, not Uncle Normie and his false and misleading interpretations of creditwrench and what it does or does not do.

Uncle Normie works with the debt collection industry and wants you to believe him so that debt collectors will have an easier time of heaping their abuse upon you. If you have any doubts about the debt collection industry and it's tactics you should visit THE COLLECTION INDUSTRY PAGE

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